Thursday, August 22, 2013

Selamat Hari Rayaaaaa Maaf Zahir dan Batinnn~

Dah lama tak update blog ni..too many things happened..tiring..emotionally breakdown + happy + stressed dan semua perasaan yang ado..antaranya..

1.      I’ve started working..and I love it!

2.      Tumil daddy went to was a really heartbreaking moment to see tumil cried everytime I left her there..

3.      After a week at the day care, she got sick! Diagnosed pneumonia (sb jerebu kot)..warded for 3 days and a day before ramadhan she was discharged..Alhamdulillah but knowing that she was not fully recover yet that time.. freaked me out! Been advised by the doctor that she was still weak and need to stay at home and not at the day care..Me and my dear abe decided to let tumil being looked after by my parents and his parents at our hometown! Sedihhh but if that was the best for her, then I have to redha!

4.      After 5 days being ‘single’ (mcm sgt awkward sb selalunya jalan dgn dear husband mcm malu2 nk jalan berdua..rasa mcm mula2 dating dulu hahaha) we got a phone call..tumil kena warded againnnnnn. bronchitis this time + she refused to be bottle feed + eat solid food!

5.      I couldn’t think straight anymore..i couldn’t focus on my work anymore..i immediately asked for a month unpaid leave (fyi, after 3 weeks working) and surprisingly,  approved by my bosses..thank you very much!  Nasib baik flight tix murah! Tq to damdam! Balik kelate for the 2 nd time in that month!

6.      Went to see tumil right after I touched down in the evening..she was soooooooo skinny! Skin and bones I tell u! Sorry dear abe arrived later on the same day (sb dia beli salah tix..he tertukar am n pm sb dia excited tix beli online lg murah hehehe)

7.      Warded for a weekkkkkkk! There goes my ramadhan! Berkampung di hospital lah kami! Tp luckily I was on spent all my time atas katil n tepekkk dengan tumil n semua mknan tumil sy sapu tp sy share dgn tumil jgk laaa..mcm excited tunggu every meal yang datang sb sedap compare to that hospital in kl..dah la x sedap..x ada choice pulak tu hahahaha) my dear abe still pergi solat terawikh every night..jalan kaki lagi dari hospital dia pergi masjid yang jauh sikit..this is 1 of the reasons why I fell in love with my dear abe..kerana agamanya :D walaupun not that solat x pernah tinggal n kalau blh..masuk waktu je dia nk sbyng terus..

8.      After a week, my dear abe persuaded me to go back to kl with him siap ckp dia pun demam jgk I planned to stay at my hometown until raya as I got 1 month leave :D kesian la pulak nanti sapa nk masak n prepare for his sahur n buka puasa pulak..lgpun tix to blk raya dah sy bawa tumil daddy blk ke kl sambil2 utk follow up dgn specialist kt kl..

9.      Alhamdulillah..tumil daddy sudah jd better..n recovering..2 days before raya we flew back to kota bharu again to celebrate hari raya x pegi mana2 pun just stayed at home takut tumil daddy sakit lagi..sorry pokcik n mokcik..nxt aidiladha insyaAllah sampai lah kami (jgn terasa hati deh) :D

10.  Now… here I am baru blk from my hometown..selepas almost 2weeks kt sana (my dear abe cuti almost 2 weeks jgk) sy still tak start2 kerja lg! malah applying for few more  days leave until 1st of Sept hehe we both decided to employ a babysitter to look after tumil daddy at I have to monitor la sebelum start kerja..hopefully bertemu dgn org yang baik2 dan jujur :D aminnnnnnnnnnnn

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