Friday, December 4, 2015

Chocolate Cinnamon Roll..yummy!

Yer selepas almost setahun sy kembali mengupdate blog not bz..just lazy hahaha

Currently sy hanya nk mengongsikan cubaan terbaru sy iaitu..seperti tajuk diatas yer..dh dekat sebulan sy delay nk bt cinnamon roll ni br smlm tercapai..i didnt go to work because my dear abe is not feeling paling bimbang n takut kalau dia sakit sb dia jenis yg susah sgt nk sakit tp bila sakit mesti lg teruk dr sy n anak (yg senang sakit ialah sy n fathiya)

I didnt send my yayang to school today. Sbnarnya dh mandikan yayang n dh almost pakaikan bj sekolah kat dia n blh la my dear abe n me rehat jap sementara yayang is at memikirkan sy kena hadap jam ptg nnt bila nk ambik yayang frm jd malas nk hantar hehe soooo kami bertiga melepak kt rmh mcm weekenddddd yahhhooo sehari (sgtttt)

Dh lunch time sy masak n feed yayang n my dear abe hanya nk mkn roti since dia punya tummy at bit upset :D teruk kan  wife dia lunch time bagi laki dia mkn roti bakar sajeerrr ok whateverrrrr dah bg mkn ubat dia lelap jap n yayang pun  tertido jgk..apa lagiii ini lah masanya sy membuat cinnamon roll! Dh sekian lama ingredients nya ku beli! So lets see the outcome n the recipe i cilok from this

Friday, September 12, 2014


hello..sudah lama tidak mengupdate blog..tetiba rasa kerajinan datang..too busy with my daily life my career n cooking too..but i think im loosing the 'bonding' time with lil ones bit by bit now..but i always put this in mind 'dont lose the moon while u r busy counting stars' bila sy ada kt rmh sebolehnya sy tidak mahu bt kerja office n spend time melayan tumil daddy n her daddy as well..time is very precious..

seriously i just realised my bahasa melayu standard sucks big timeeeeeee sy dari kelamtam okkk n some ppl can tell im actually from kelate from my look n bahasa hahaha sb tu  kdg2 sy prefer kecek kelate no matter with who im dealing with..if they dont understand..thats their problem hahaha

btw my brother's wedding is next week.. he actually got married last july n next week is the reception of the groom's side..and it is on my mother's birthday..(my mother chose that date on purpose! :-) 19th & 20th so a month after that is my birthday n nadine too (kami share the same birth date u knowww)..dan sy sudah dpt my special birhtday gift from my sayang..i love the present but i love u more and tumil daddy too..

got to sleep now as tomorrow we got presentation to DB (yes..that's the short form! not gonna tell u who haha) i hate DB for he always suka hati put the date and time for meeting..short notice somemore! Niteeeeeeee

Note : let the world stop turning..let the sun stop burning.. yada yada yada..

Friday, January 10, 2014

my mother is the most beautiful woman on earth :D

I think that my 11/2 thinks that I am the most beautiful woman on earth..everytime I get dressed..or wear my tudung..she will like..shooooo pwettyyy (so pretty) or chantikkkk (cantik) or even lepas shower pun dia puji atau itu adalah cara dia mahu membodek utk saya bawak dia keluar jalan2 dgn saya..

then i recalled..when i was very young i used and still okk think that my mother is the most beautiful woman on earth..sanggup gaduh2 dgn kawan ckp 'mak saya cantik..' 'mak saya lagi cantik'..'makk saya sejuta kali lagi cantik dari mak awak' last2 gaduhhhhhh dgn kawan tu hahahahaha funny kan..bila saya tanya my dear husband dia cakap dia tak ingat yang dia rasa mak dia cantik..helllllooo i still remember when i first saw ur mother when we were 8 years old..i really think that she is sooo beautiful..she even got the hair style like fauziah latiff tu ok..(time tu early 90s so fauziah latif ni was really popular and i really admire her) 

btw saya rasa setiap anak atas dunia ni merasakan their mother is the prettiest woman on earth walaupun mak dia tak cantik di mata orang lain..SETUJU??? hehe

p/s when i was 17 there was this woman called me up at midnight just to tell me that my mother is ugly..seriously there was something wrong with her..sick isn't it????? ur words mean nothing to me..i still see my mother as the most beautiful woman on earth until today :D

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lara Fabian

i used to listen to this italian-belgian singer everydayyyyy i tell u (in my early 20's) everyday tu bkn sekali sehari..saya repeat byk kali ok..mula2 dulu saya suka dgr lagu 'i will love again' yang tu the very 1st song i heard from her time tu saya still in high school i think..then saya mula suka je tai'me (i love u), caruso (not sure about the meaning but its the name of the song writer if im not mistaken), je suis malade (i'm sick)...n others...mula-mula tu mmg tak faham sepatah harammmmm tp bila dgr tu rasa sedih gilossssss rasa meruntun hati ku..terdetik la nk google maksud lagu2 tu semua..lepas tu..mmg lyrics lagu tu sedih..pandai betul dia nyanyi hehe for me..she's as good as celine dion..its just that shes not that well known in asia..

ok..may b ramai yang tak suka..btw my genre is very different hehe i loveeeee sad songs i would feel weird kalau x rasa sedih dalam sehari hahahaha but now i have not time to be sad anymore! too happy these days..hopefully i wont be punished for that :D #ridiculous thought!

I Love You (Je T’aime)

Okay, there were (lit: existed) other ways to leave each other
Some shards of glass* would maybe have been able to help us
In this bitter silence, I decided to forgive
The mistakes which one can make by loving too much

Okay, the little girl in me often called on you
Almost like a mother, you fenced me in, protected me
I stole that blood from you that we might not have had to share
When the words and the dreams have ended, I am going to shout

I love you, I love you
Like a fool, like a soldier
Like a film star
I love you, I love you
Like a wolf, like a king
Like a man that I am not
You see, I love you like that

Okay, I entrusted you with all my smiles, all my secrets
Even those of which only a brother is the unsworn guardian
In this house of stone, Satan was watching us dance
I so much wanted war between bodies who were making peace

{Chorus} x 2
You see, I love you like that


Here where the sea sparkles,
and a strong wind blows,
on an old terrace overlooking the gulf of Sorrento,
a man holds a little girl in his arms
after he's been crying.
He clears his throat and sings the song again.
I love you so much;
so very much, you know.
It's a bond, now,
you know, that thaws the blood in the veins.
He looked at the lights, out at sea,
and thought about the nights in America.
But they were only the lamps of fishing boats
and the white of wake.
He felt the pain of the music.
He got up from the piano,
but when he saw the moon come out from behind the clouds
death seemed sweeter to him.
He looked into the little girl's eyes -
those eyes as green as the sea,
then suddenly a tear fell
and he thought he was drowning.
I love you so much;
so very much, you know.
It's a bond, now,
you know, and it thaws the blood in the veins.
The power of opera!
where every drama is a sham;
where, with a little bit of make-up and mimicry,
you can become someone else.
But two eyes that look at you,
so close and so real,
make you forget the script,
confounding your thoughts.
And so everything became insignificant,
including the nights in America.
You look back and see your life
like the wake [of the boats].
Ah yes! Life is ending,
but he wasn't worried about it any more.
Instead he felt happy
and began to sing the song again.
I love you so much;
so very much, you know.
It's a bond, now,
you know, that thaws the blood in the veins

I'm sick (Je Suis Malade)
I no longer dream , I no longer smoke
I no longer even have a story
I'm dirty without you , I'm ugly without you
I'm like an orphan who has no dormitory
I no longer want to live my life
My life ceases when you go away
I no longer have a life & even my bed
Turns into a platform of station
When you go away
I'm sick , completely sick
Like when my mother used to go out by night
& When she left me alone with my despair
I'm sick , perfectly sick
You come , I never know when
You go again , I never know where
& It's been two years soon
That you don't care
Like to a rock , like to a sin
I'm clung to you
I'm tired , I'm worn out
To pretend I'm happy when they are there
I drink every night but all the whiskies
Have the same taste to me
& All the boats carry your flag
I no longer know where I should go , you are everywhere
I'm sick , completely sick
I pour my blood down over your body
& I'm like a dead bird while you sleep
I'm sick , perfectly sick
You've deprived me of all my songs
You've emptied me of all my words
Though I used to have talent before your skin
This love kills me & if it continues
I will die alone with myself
Next to my radio like a stupid kid
Listening to my own voice that will sing
I'm sick , completely sick
Like when my mother used to go out by night
& When she left me alone with my despair
I'm sick , that's it I'm sick
You've deprived me of all my songs
You've emptied me of all my words
& My heart is completely sick
Surrounded with barricades , listen , I'm sick

note: all the translations tu i copy paste from the website..TQ

my baby is no longer an infant! she's a toddler now :D

finallyyyyy tumil daddy put a step on her own @10.9.2013 fuhhh what a joyful moment for ibu! i've waiting like agesssssss for her to walk! Alhamdulillahhh tp sekarang mcm bila dah jalan x nk stop pulak..kesana kemari mcm2 benda n tempat dia nk explore..well that's the 'growing' phase..kalau dia x mcm tu ibu risau pulok hehe :D


ngantuk pun still nk gi jalan-jalan

selamat hari raya aidil adha for us! #tumil beronar nk dukunggg