Friday, September 12, 2014


hello..sudah lama tidak mengupdate blog..tetiba rasa kerajinan datang..too busy with my daily life my career n cooking too..but i think im loosing the 'bonding' time with lil ones bit by bit now..but i always put this in mind 'dont lose the moon while u r busy counting stars' bila sy ada kt rmh sebolehnya sy tidak mahu bt kerja office n spend time melayan tumil daddy n her daddy as well..time is very precious..

seriously i just realised my bahasa melayu standard sucks big timeeeeeee sy dari kelamtam okkk n some ppl can tell im actually from kelate from my look n bahasa hahaha sb tu  kdg2 sy prefer kecek kelate no matter with who im dealing with..if they dont understand..thats their problem hahaha

btw my brother's wedding is next week.. he actually got married last july n next week is the reception of the groom's side..and it is on my mother's birthday..(my mother chose that date on purpose! :-) 19th & 20th so a month after that is my birthday n nadine too (kami share the same birth date u knowww)..dan sy sudah dpt my special birhtday gift from my sayang..i love the present but i love u more and tumil daddy too..

got to sleep now as tomorrow we got presentation to DB (yes..that's the short form! not gonna tell u who haha) i hate DB for he always suka hati put the date and time for meeting..short notice somemore! Niteeeeeeee

Note : let the world stop turning..let the sun stop burning.. yada yada yada..

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